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I-shaped or straight stairs

Compared to L shaped and U-shaped stairs, I-shaped stairs are the most affordable staircase solution. Also, the work related to measuring and installing I-shaped stairs is simpler and the risks are lower and can be performed even by a moderately experienced builder.

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Left turn I-stairs Image

Left turn I-stairs

Prices from781,12  867,91 

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Right turn I-stairs Image

Right turn I-stairs

Prices from781,12  867,91 

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose an I-shaped staircase?

What are the disadvantages of an I-shaped staircase?

How to navigate in the staircase terminology?

How to protect the stairs if construction work continues in the building?

How is the I-shaped staircase delivered?

How can the safety of an I-shaped staircase be better ensured?

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