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  1. Choose Your location.
  2. Check out the content and info and look at the videos.
  3. Choose the shape of stair.
  4. Choose the direction of turn.
  5. explore the 8 steps scheme of itinerary to choose the stair.
  6. Use the filters to find suitable stair type.
  7. Use the comparison to find the suitable stair type.
  8. Investigate the item closer: by zooming and using 3D view.
  9. Create a name for your stair project.
  10. Choose your stair treads and the handrail timber species, the timber range and the finishing.
  11. Choose your stair stringers, posts, balusters and risers the timber species, the timber range and the finishing.
  12. If You have any additional info to send to us, then please feel free to add it. If You have any questions, please feel free to ask them through our chat information center.
  13. Choose Your well hole type that you have in Your house.
  14. Enter Your well hole sizes.
  15. According to the sizes of well hole that you provide we recommend the sizes of the stairs. Feel free to adjust them if needed.
  16. Check that Your stair strategic parameters are in standard limits ( green). If needed then follow the advice under I- button and change the sizes. Sometimes due to building dimensions, it is needed to accept some differences from standard sizes.
  17. Consider, that the stair drawing and 3D picture is not to scale. Scaled drawing and 3D picture will be sent by STAIR24 together with order confirmation to Your e-mail.
  18. Choose extra features to Your stair. With order confirmation will be sent the drawing and 3D picture, where the selected extra features are pictured.
  19. Start to add to cart, check again that You got the best stair and service package for Your needs (3D drawing is not to scale). If you need to make any changes feel free to go back, Your data will be safe.
  20. Add the product to the cart.
  21. If more than 1 product has been selected then increase the quantity.
  22. If you wish to purchase different products in addition to the ones you already have then continue shopping.
  23. Choose the services You need: delivery, measuring, fitting.
  24. Choose the delivery week, check the Terms ja conditions.
  25. To make a purchase in the webshop You need to have an account. If You already have it, then log in.
  26. Discount will only apply to certain products. Discount will not be applied to services such as measuring, delivery and installation.
  27. If You are making your first purchase, then please decide whether you want to be a private or a business customer.
  28. Please enter Your details.
  29. By confirming Your details, Your account is created and You are logged in.
  30. Enter Your delivery address.
  31. Choose the method of payment.
  32. Make the prepayment of 50% (in case of hire purchase 0%).
  33. STAIR24 will confirm, that Your purchase has been made and the order is in process.
  34. During 24 hours (Monday to Friday) Stair 24 will send to Your e- mail address the confirmation of order with full technical information , scaled drawings and 3D picture.
  35. During the next 24 hours please send back the confirmation to keep the process in agreed timeframe
  36. On the Monday that is a week before delivery week, STAIR24 wil send an e-mail to inform You about product completion and delivery schedule.
  37. You are welcome to make second payment fully 100% latest on Tuesday week before delivery week to keep process in agreed timeframe. In case of hire the purchase payment according to the payment schedule.
  38. In case the order includes the installation Stair24 will send the planned schedule to Your e-mail on Thursday week before delivery week.
  39. During the next 24 hours, please confirm the offered shcedule to keep the process in agreed timeframe.
  40. You will get informed about delivery 1 business day before the products are due to arrive.
  41. When receiving goods, please ensure that the transport package is not damaged. If there are any damages, please mark this information on the waybill and take photos of the damages.
  42. In case of installation service, please sign the act of admission immediately after the installation is finished.
  43. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our customer service.

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