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If You install a staircase

STAIR24 recommend the following reminder:
  1. I involved professional carpenter to install my staircase
  2. My rooms are dry and warm
  3. I looked at the delivery package , when it arrived by transport company before the carpenter
  4. I confirmed the arriving time of the carpenter
  5. There is good accsess for carpenter vehicle to my site
  6. There is enough space for tools and stair components close to well hole
  7. My floors are covered in areas for fitting of the stair before the carpenter is coming
  8. I consider that the wall finishing in well hole can have small damages during the fitting process and this correction is not part of fitting service
  9. I know that the covering of stair after fitting works is not part of the fitting service
  10. I know that the slats to cover intermediate ceiling corner , the connection between last step and the floor or other construction works which are not direct part of the stair fitting is not part of the fitting service
  11. I know that there will be space ca 3mm between the stair construction and the wall. If my walls are not straight enough, then the space can be various.
  12. After fitting process I keep my rooms dry and warm
  13. I know , that from my readyness on my site depends the succsess of fitting of the stair to manage the process as planned and not to create additional expences to me in asking for extra trip of carpenter
  14. I know that the visual quality of stairs will be looked from distance 2 metres in normal light ( 60 W)
  15. I consider the timber natural character and the accepted tolerances in construction
  16. I consider , that in fitting process the carpenter needs to make some small fixing of the stair finish
  17. I will be on site to approve the work is done after the carpenter is finishing the job
  18. I know , that in case of any problems I can ask help from STAIR24